One sentence per pick

Here are my NFL picks for Week 3. I’ve limited myself to one sentence each.

  • Texans over Ravens: The Ravens defence is not what it was, and JJ Watt and company harass Flacco and Rice enough to book the win for Houston.
  • Giants over Panthers: Though we appear headed for another season of supreme inconsistency for the GIants, their overall superiority over the Panthers gives them the win in this one.
  • Bengals over Packers: I like the Bengals’ D-Line to harass Aaron Rodgers, and the Bengals’ O does the job vs a suspect Packers defence.
  • Cowboys over Rams: Much as I’m suspicious of the Cowboys, desperation will factor in and we’ll get additional proof that the Rams are not there yet.
  • Vikings over Browns: The Browns have tanked their season, and Adrian Peterson will do his thing.
  • Patriots over Bucs: The Bucs already appear to be in too much disarray to take advantage of the disastrous situation at receiver for the Patriots.
  • Saints over Cardinals: The Saints’ offence will be too strong for the Cards’ D to stifle, and the Cards won’t score quickly enough to keep up.
  • Titans over Chargers: I need more than two games to believe that Philip Rivers has become Philip Rivers one again, plus I hate the rest of that Chargers roster.
  • Lions over Redskins: Robert Griffin doesn’t look 100% and the Skins’ D is horrific: a bad combo vs the Lions.
  • Falcons over Dolphins: The Falcons are much better than the Dolphins, and since we’re in the regular season, we shouldn’t expect them to choke. (Yes, Falcons fans, I am enjoying this.)
  • Bills over Jets: This week’s wake me up when it’s over game, with the Bills showing themselves to be not quite as putrid as the Jets.
  • Seahawks over Jaguars: Picture a hummer running over a cat…
  • Niners over Colts: Just another phase of the “back-down-to-earth” descent for the Colts.
  • Bears over Steelers: The Bears aren’t fantastic, but the Steelers simply aren’t very good.
  • Broncos over Raiders: The Raiders are working admirably not to be the laughing stock I expected them to be, but they’re out-manned in too many places against the Broncos.

Last week: 10-6

Season: 23-9


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